Are you an authorized distributor of the brands you sell?

Buy & Sell Watches is a wholesaler of pre-owned luxury watches. Buy & Sell Watches is NOT an Authorized Distrubutor of any of the trademarked names, brands, models and manufacturers mentioned in our website. All such names, brands, models and manufacturers are registered trademarks of their respective corporations and trademark owners. Buy & Sell Watches is NOT affiliated with NOR endorsed by any watch or jewelry manufacturer or brand or any of their subsidiaries thereof in any way, shape or form unless explicitly stated by us.

Why should I choose Buy & Sell Watches as the online watch store I transact with?

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we pride ourselves in building long lasting relationships with clients that expect to receive an excellent customer service before, during and after a watch purchase or sale. Every member of our team cherishes helping existing or new clients find the perfect watch or accessory that best fits its needs.

How do I get help if I want to talk to a team member directly?

We are always ready to assist existing and prospective clients via WhatsApp, email, Instagram, Facebook, or by filling out this simple form so we can get back to you as soon as possible. If you would like to speak to someone by telephone, you can call our physical store Monday through Friday from 9:00AM – 5:00PM CST.

Do you have a retail store or are you just an Online retailer?

Buy & Sell Watches has been able to attain a global presence by scaling our online business and by building long lasting relationships with customers all around the globe. Nonetheless we are also more than happy to receive clients in person in any of our brick-and-mortar locations at any time.

Where is the best place to see your available inventory?

Our website updates automatically after every sale or purchase we make; therefore, we recommend you looking at our inventory there. You can also sign up for our weekly catalog in which we send every item we have available in a PDF to your email once a week.

A watch I want is not in your inventory, can you help me find it through your network?

Absolutely. We have built an extensive network of wholesalers, authorized dealers and private individual collectors throughout the last 15 years that allows us to find any watch you may be interested in usually the same day you ask us about it.

Who do you buy your merchandise from?

From other jewelers, specific authorized dealers, private collectors and in highly regarded trade shows around the world. A high percentage of our business is done with the same clients we have been transacting with for over 10 years, which makes our sources highly trustworthy.

Are all the watches listed on your site 100% authentic?

Yes. We perform thorough due diligence in every single watch we acquire before listing it on our site to make sure our clients can shop stress-free knowing that everything they see is 100% authentic.

Can I ask you for additional photos or details of a watch I am interested in?

Of course! We are here to make your experience acquiring a watch as pleasant as possible. Feel free to contact us in the form that’s most convenient for you and we will get you what you need as soon as possible.

Do all your watches come with a serial number, box and papers?

Every single one of the watches we acquire and offer to you in our site will have a serial number. When it comes to box and papers, some do and some don’t – this will always be specified in the page of the specific watch you are considering adding to your cart.

How safe is it to shop on your site?

We have recently upgraded all software used in our site so that clients can shop with peace of mind knowing they are transacting with us in a safe and secure manner. Buy & Sell Watches does not sell your information to 3rd parties or advertisers. Any information you provide to us during a purchase or sale will strictly be used for verification, billing, and shipping purposes.

What types of payments do you accept?

Wire Transfers, ACH, personal and eChecks, and all major credit cards. Once you finalize your purchase, we will send you an invoice that includes payment instructions for your convenience. Please note that purchased items will only be shipped after full invoice amount is received and payment is cleared by our bank.

Do you offer expedited shipping?

We always find and book the ideal expedited shipping solution for all of our customers to ensure a timely delivery. Our customers enjoy Next Day delivery in the US as well as a specialized white glove delivery service to select cities around the world. We currently ship to over 50 countries around the world, and depending on your location, we will always select the most appropriate carrier to satisfy your needs. Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions regarding shipping times and handling for a specific watch.