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Global Luxury Watch Dealer Platinum Times Co Sees Big Demand in the Americas

The luxury watch market is truly global. There are buyers and sellers of luxury timepieces all over the world. Today, the entire market itself is worth around $7 billion. Out of that market share, Platinum Times Co. enjoys a growing sliver of it. As of 2020, it has become a nine-figure company. Fueling that growth is the bustling market in the Americas.

Both the United States and Mexico are the bulk of this company’s business. That is not too surprising given the company’s headquarters is in Laredo, Texas. Raul, the founder of Platinum Times Co., established his network initially with buyers and sellers who were local to his region. From there, he expanded out globally. Today, the company enjoys having clients located in over 20 countries.

Platinum Times Co. buys, sells, and trades luxury watches. They do so mainly via email, over the phone using WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, and iMessage. This allows them to be as available as possible, 24/7, for all of its clients. This dedication to high-level customer service has helped Platinum Times separate itself from its competitors.

Authentic and reliable are two words that perhaps best describe this luxury watch dealer. Raul knew from the beginning that in the luxury markets, your reputation is your most valuable asset. If you do not develop it, or if you lose it, you risk imploding completely. It is also in his nature to be as direct and honest as he can be, which has ensured his clients are always satisfied.

The focus has largely been on the Americans for Platinum Times Co. However, in the pursuit of increasing its market share, the company has now extended its network to include buyers and sellers in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. This scaling is only the beginning, and Raul plans to continue increasing the market share of the company in the coming months and years.

Raul has always remembered about how it all started for him. He used to get very excited whenever he opened the small safe box that he had tucked away in his home closet. He would admire the five luxury watches he had in his inventory, dreaming of one day having many more.

Those dreams ultimately ended up coming true. When looking back at those memories and comparing them to where the company is today, it is the biggest motivator he can think of. Thankfully, Raul and Will are still just as passionate about all watches today as they were when they first got into luxury watches. Platinum Times is always aspiring to fulfill all of his clients’ needs. No watch is too difficult for Platinum Times Co. to locate and deliver to a new owner who wants it.

Article Originally Published at Ritz Herald

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