Immense Passion for Luxury Watches Is What Sets Platinum Times Co Apart from Its Competitors

The luxury watch industry has become a way for people to view it as a way to get rich quick by selling luxury watches to high-end customers. However, many within the industry are selling inferior quality products and are providing subpar customer service. It is not often that you see an authentic luxury watch dealer with customer service that goes above and beyond what is expected. Yet, that is exactly what Platinum Times Co is doing.

Founded in 2010 by a man named Raul, this company buys, sells, and trades luxury timepieces all over the world. No matter what watch you are looking for, they Raul finds it, guaranteed. In fact, they have flown across the world to obtain rare watches with single-day delivery. That demonstrates the sheer commitment to making its customers happy.

The founder of Platinum Times Co, Raul, is immensely passionate about luxury watches. He has been collecting watches since he was a kid, thanks to his father’s interest in them. By the time he was a freshman in college, he had amassed over 30 watches as part of his inventory. Buying and selling watches throughout his teen years enabled him to afford so many at such a young age, while doing so without a professional network.

Once he realized how far he could go with his number one passion, he scaled out and started developing his network. This led to Raul traveling around the world to meet with clients around the world. Today, he has clients in over 20 countries and is establishing physical locations in at least five of them.

This immense passion for luxury watches has led to Platinum Times Co providing a remarkable level of customer service. Few competitors can compare with the same-day shipping, 24//7 support, and reduced prices for high-quality luxury timepieces. All of this has led to word spreading within the luxury watch community, with several celebrities endorsing the watches sold by the company.

Raul is someone who thoroughly enjoys what he does and has become an expert on everything related to luxury watches. He sincerely enjoys the conversations he has with his clients, including both buyers and sellers, every day. The passion he has for the exquisite nature of luxury watches is what has helped cement Platinum Times Co as a leader within this luxury niche.

Raul loves exploring what goes into designing every single piece, whether it is a simple Cartier or the latest Richard Mille. The rich history behind every brand is also something that fascinates him. He even muses about things like the number of years people have worn a Rolex watch on Earth. Being an integral part of the luxury watch business is a passion that Raul never dies for him.

Being in this business also allows Raul to help two different types of clients, especially throughout the pandemic. There was immense demand throughout 2020, and now into 2021, due to two major types of clients. The heightened demand came from high-end clients who were struggling with being holed up indoors for extended periods of time, and who wanted to do some shop therapy by buying luxury timepieces. The other type of client was the kind that needed liquidity quickly due to economic hardships. Platinum Times Co has satisfied both types of clients and helped them get through these challenging times.

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