Top 6 Best Vacheron Constantin Watches for Collectors

Top 6 Best Vacheron Constantin Watches for Collectors

Top Collections of Vacheron Constantin Watches for Collectors

Top Collections of Vacheron Constantin Watches for Collectors

The Vacheron Constantin watch industry is one of the most prestigious in the world. They have been making beautiful, quality timepieces for decades, and they are a favorite among collectors everywhere.

If you’re looking for the best Vacheron Constantin watches for collectors, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at PlatinumTimes, we’ve decided to help collectors find the top 6 Vacheron Constantin watches they’ll be proud to add to their collection. So let’s begin exploring!

Vacheron Constantin Watches: The Top 6 for Collectors

We’ve looked at all of the top Vacheron Constantin watches on the market and narrowed them down to six of our absolute favorites. These are the ones that have been proven to increase in value over time and hold a high-class requirement in the global luxury watches market.

1. Vacheron Constantin Overseas Dual Time Watch

One of the top best picks for collectors is the Vacheron Constantin Overseas Dual Time watch. The watch combines the classic look of an elegant timepiece with the functionality of a travel chronograph. This is a great pick for collectors because it features the complication of two time zones on one dial, along with a date indicator.

The Vacheron Constantin Overseas Dual Time watch is also a favorite among collectors because it has an elegant design and style that makes it perfect for formal wear. The vintage watch is quite a beauty with its two-tone stainless steel body and blue dial. You can get this unique masterpiece at $38,500 from PlatinumTimes—much lower than the market price.

2. Vacheron Constantin’s Luxury Watch Lord Kalla.

Lord Kalla by Vacheron Constantin is the most exceptionally high-class and rare magnificent masterpiece around the globe. It is a watch consisting of rare white gold and diamonds to embrace beauty. This watch was specifically designed as a type of bracelet style in 2007. It is known as a rare and beautiful watch, and you would not be able to find another masterpiece competing with this one.

Lord Kalla consists of manual winding, 18K white gold, 7-row emerald cut diamond set. It is also known as the top most beautiful watch in the history of luxury watches because it has a 25 mm width bracelet with a clasp. Platinum Times Company is offering $312,000 for this masterpiece in the best condition, along with its original papers.

3. Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph Watches

Vacheron Constantin has a cool collection of overseas watches, and from all of them, we are introducing one of the smartest timepieces of history, the Overseas Chronograph. It is the most elegant but casual type of watch with its steel case and has a column wheel chronograph in two different colors: gold and silver. This watch also has a black dial that lets you watch the time in the easiest and most efficient manner. Platinum Times Company sells the pre-owned Overseas Chronograph Vacheron Constantin Watch for $55,000. It is the best offer of all time around the globe.

4. Overseas Automatic Chronograph. 

Overseas Automatic Chronograph is the best companion for everyday use by Vacheron Constantin. This timepiece shows elegance, embraces beauty, and is a symbol of comfort—hence it is admired by most collectors.

It conveys the spirit of travel as this Overseas Automatic Chronograph watch holds a high class of the brand’s identity in luxury watches global market. This watch was reinvented in 2016, and you can get this pre-owned watch from Platinum Times Company at $46,000 with the original papers.

5. Vacheron Constantin’s Historiques American 1921

The Vacheron Constantin Historiques American 1921 Pink gold is a watch that is sure to be a hit with collectors and watch enthusiasts alike. It is an extremely rare watch because Vacheron Constantin has only produced a few examples of this watch, and they are among the most expensive watches made by the company.

This watch has a pink gold case with squared sides that give it a slightly angular appearance. It’s the best watch for driving. The dial is tilted by one-eighth of a turn, so it’s easy to read without taking your hands off the wheel. Even the crown is located in a somewhat unusual position: at the top right corner of the case, it corresponds to 12 o’clock on a regular watch face.

You can get this extremely rare masterpiece from PlatinumTimes at an amazing price. Visit now before it’s too late!

6. Vacheron Constantin Overseas Quartz Collection 

Overseas Quartz by Vacheron Constantin is a timepiece from the Overseas collection. The black dial of this watch makes a beautiful and elegant contrast with the diamonds used in it. It also has a six-sided Bezel with 78 brilliant-cut diamonds. The user can easily change the straps of this watch from steep, leather, or rubber as per the requirement.

Since PlatinumTimes Company is the Verified Vacheron Constantin Seller, you can get this Overseas collection Quartz luxury watch at $21,000 for the 2002 model. We offer the best prices for all pre-owned luxury watches!

Buy Pre-Owned Vacheron Constantin Watches From PlatinumTimes

Buy Pre-Owned Vacheron Constantin Watches From PlatinumTimes

Vacheron Constantin Luxury brand is the epitome of classy and royal timepieces, and it holds a strong identity in the luxury watches marketplace. PlatinumTimes have a huge collection of pre-owned Vacheron Constantin luxury watches. We are Dubai’s Leading Vacheron Constantin suppliers. You can easily get high-quality watches from top-class brands at a fraction of their original price. So don’t wait more, and shop now!

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Constantin Overseas

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Overseas Dual Time Silver Dial Mens

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